Sport Travel

South Africa is such a sporting nation and having been very involved in the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Africa’s biggest sporting event, Ikapa Sports Travel would like to offer a unique opportunity of travel to South Africa on an individual or group basis for like-minded sports fanatics, to follow your (favourite) or to arrange your itinerary for your club, school or team.

In addition, our specialised consultants strive to provide you with the highest quality service, affordable accommodation and safe reliable transportation (for Airport transfers, to and from matches for the teams and supporters, as well as day touring).
In covering a wide variety of sporting events, we can offer from set packages or tailor-make itineraries for major international events, adventure sports or small school tours.

Other services we are able to offer include Transportation, Flights, Local Fixtures, Match tickets, Stadium Tours, Memorabilia & Coaching/Team Talks with experts within a specific sporting genre like Soccer, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, Cycling, Hockey, Netball, Baseball and Athletics.

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