Rwanda, “the land of a thousand hills” is one of the most incredibly beautiful places of the African continent. Rwandan tourism is one of the most fast developing industries of Rwanda.
The government has lately placed a great deal of investment in the Rwanda tourism sector.
Rwanda has many attractive beaches, lakes, mountains and an extremely rich wildlife reserve. The country is blessed with a very favorable climate, fine food, lodging facilities and a rich cultural heritage of arts and crafts. Rwanda also has national parks, national museum, eco tourism and scope for many exciting tourist activities like biking, trekking, mountain biking and shopping facilities. Tourists can enjoy an exciting vacation trip to Rwanda and its adjoining cities and their popular attractions. Rwandan tourism industry is fast booming and more and more tourists are ready to explore this comparatively quieter and peaceful country of African continent.

Rwanda is a small country with forests, mountains, landscapes and beautiful beaches in Central Africa. Surrounded by Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania, Rwanda travel enables a person to enjoy the beauty of Rwanda, well known as “the land of thousand hills”. Rwanda travel will give a complete over view of Rwandan culture, history and wild life. Travel to Rwanda any time except in the rainy season of mid March to mid May. The main attractions to visit while traveling in Rwanda include:

  • Kinigi
  • Kigali
  • Gisenvi
  • Vironga
  • Parc National de l’ Akagera
  • Parc National des Volcanoes
  • Lake Muhazi
  • Lake Kivu.
  • Chyangugu
  • Butare
  • Nyungwe National Park

Rwanda has a well connected road network. Luxury bus and efficient mini bus facilities are provided in Rwanda. There are certain special flights that can be availed to travel to Rwanda. Charter flights are also available in Rwanda. Rwanda has no connection through railways but it is well connected by road network to Uganda, Kenya.

There are many tour operators housed in Rwanda that help tourists while traveling in Rwanda. Again Rwanda travel tours can also be arranged through the Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Park and Office Rwandaise du Tourisme et des Parcs Nationaux (ORTPN). The main tour operators of Rwanda are:

Rwanda travel guide will help the people to reach the small landlocked territory of Central Africa. Rwanda travel guide will help the people to know about Rwanda the “land of thousand hills”. The city of Rwanda is divided by the Rift valley and surrounded by mountain ranges running from north to south of the country. The city of Rwanda came into the spot light only after the genocide of 1994.

Travel guide to Rwanda will give a complete over view of Rwandan culture, history and wild life. French and Kinyarwanda is the main language spoken in Rwanda. Apart from it English and French are also spoken by the Rwandan people. The main currency of Rwanda is Rwanda franc. US dollars are mainly used as hard cash. Credit cards are accepted only in the top hotels of Rwanda. To reach Rwanda the first thing you need is a legal passport. Visa is mandatory for all except for the residents of UK, Uganda, USA, Congo, Sweden, Burundi, Kenya and many others.

Rwanda can be visited all through out the year. The European winter is the appropriate time for watching the birds of different species. Gorilla trekking is not suitable during the dry season.

The Travel guide of Rwanda provides the best communication network in Rwanda. All the roads of Rwanda are well connected. There are certain flights for the travelers to reach Rwanda. Those who mainly travel through a tour company enjoy the facility of private vehicles. All the regions of Rwanda are well connected with local as well as luxury bus services. Air charter services are available from all corners of the country. Bicycle trips are also well matched in the roads of Rwanda. Car can also be hired in Rwanda for traveling.

Goma, Kibuye, Kigali, Gisenyi are the well known places to see in Rwanda. Rwandan wild life attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The dangerous volcanic mountains preserved by the Volcanoes National Park and the dense tropical forests are the main attractions in the northern part of the country. On the other hand lakes, rivers, valleys and hills dominate the rest part of the country. Akagera National Park in eastern Rwanda and Parc National des Volcanoes is the home place for many endangered species.

The water bodies of Rwanda are also very famous particularly the Lake Muhazi and Lake Kivu.

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