Burundi tourist attractions are plenty and the country has lots to offer to the visitors. Burundi is one of the significant African countries that provide exquisite holiday opportunities for all kinds of travelers;

be it the adventurous or the laid back one. The breathtaking landscapes, Savannah forests and the various tourist attractions make Burundi a hot favorite destination of the travelers. Every year thousands of visitors visit this exotic African country as it has a unique mysticism in it.

Accommodations as well as eating options are pretty good and well-scattered in Burundi; hence staying in Burundi is not much of a problem. The places of interest are various and one can catch the various moods of Burundi while touring this awesome African destination. Waterfall, natural reserve, hot spring, museums and zoos are the popular tourist attractions of Burundi.


The official languages of Burundi are Kirundi and French. Swahili is also spoken.


Burundi in general has a tropical highland climate, with a considerable daily temperature range in many areas. Temperature also varies considerably from one region to another, chiefly as a result of differences in altitude. The central plateau enjoys pleasantly cool weather, with an average temperature of 20 °C (68 °F).


A valid passport and visa are required to travel to this destination.


Burundi Health is greatly assisted by World Health Organization. It provide training to nurses, sanitarians. Organizations of public health services also received assistance from WHO. Health in Burundi has been a serious issue. WHO helped these organizations in campaigning against small pox, malaria and tuberculosis.


The Burundi Franc (BIF) is the official currency for Burundi.(1 USD = 1,543.59 BIF).



Bujumbura and Gitega are the only two cities in Burundi that have municipal electricity service. Burundi’s total installed capacity was 49 MW in 2001. Two dams completed since 1984 have increased the amount of power production from hydroelectric installations.


Some of the famous Burundi tourist attractions are mentioned below:

Apart from these there are many other nearby tourist attractions in Burundi which are quite popular with tourists

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