Botswana is Africa at its very best – untamed, vast expanses of pristine wilderness, teeming with wildlife, alive with expectancy and an ultimate safari destination.

With a population of just over 1.5 Million people, the languages most spoken are only English, Setswana and Shona. There are a few other native language spoken, but these are not official languages of the country.

The Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari Desert dominate the Western area of Botswana. Over 80% of the Botswana’s land is Desert. The climate is subtropical to semiarid, with warm winters and hot summers, although winter nights in the desert region can fall below zero degrees Celsius.
The Winter months of April to August hardly see any rain, and during this time wildlife watching is at its best since the animals flock to the water holes. The Summer brings with it the rain during the months of November to March.

Visas/ Passport requirements:
On entering, citizens of most Commonwealth countries, most European countries, and the US will be granted a 30-day visa. Please check with your consultant before traveling what your visa requirements are.


You do not require any compulsory vaccinations when entering Botswana, however it is a Malaria risk area, and you are advised to take malaria prophylaxis as a precautionary measure.

1 Pula (BWP) = 100 Thebe (pula = rain; thebe = raindrops)
Travelers can exchange cash (preferably US dollars) or traveler’s cheques at banks and foreign exchange bureaus in major cities. There is no import limit on foreign currencies. Most credit cards (especially VISA) are accepted in tourist places, although there might be an additional surcharge.

Local Time: GMT +2

Electricity: 230V/ 50Hz. The plug either has round pins with ground or is a rectangular blade plug

System: Metric

Driving: Left hand Drive. We advise taking transfers in this country rather than self-driving.

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